Oil & Ethanol Recovery

Oil & Ethanol Recovery Systems

There is no doubt that alcohol recovery has become one of the biggest bottlenecks in the industrial cannabis extraction industry. The Maratek Oil & Ethanol Recovery Series are the engineered solution to this exact problem and are offered to the European market under an exclusive agreement with Spectrum Technology.

With four labour-intensive processes all built into one system, the OERS series: OERS-C and OERS-SC can automate your entire downstream process with no direct labour required during routine operations. Maratek’s patented technology can recover 99+% of your ethanol, automatically reproof/dewater your ethanol in line, and can also decarboxylate your CBD or THC oils all within the same unit.

Maratek’s OERS equipment performs four steps in one automatic process. Bulk ethanol recovery, final ethanol recovery, ethanol reproofing/dewatering, and decarboxylation are all performed in a single automatic process with minimal operator time needed.

Maratek’s OERS equipment has been engineered to minimize the effects of heat loss and improved heat transfer efficiencies.

Oil & Ethanol Recovery Systems

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100 to 40,000+ Gallons/Day
99+% Ethanol/Solvent Recovery
Fully-Automated Remote Control
4 Processes in 1 System

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50 to 400+ Gallons/Day
99+% Ethanol Recovery
Fully-Automated Remote Control
3 Processes in 1 System

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