Automatic Winterisation

Turnkey Automatic Winterisation System

Turnkey Automatic Winterisation System (TAWS) is a six-in-one solution for fast, automatic closed-loop operation.

TAWS features multi-stage customised filtration for shelf-stable production.

These products are suitable for hemp, cannabis and botanicals.

Distributed by Spectrum Technology in partnership with industry-leaders, Maratek.

TAWS Product Features

  • Turnkey solutions from 60 – 500 kg of CO2 extract per day
  • Automatic homogenization, winterization, filtration, ethanol recovery, decarboxylation, and heated oil storage in one process
  • Fast automatic closed-loop operation
  • Single and multi-stream configurations
  • Rapid winterization in -20C and -40C configurations in 4-10 hrs
  • Multi-stage filtration to below 1 micron for shelf-stable product production
  • Carbon filtration available
  • Fully stainless construction
  • High pressure Clean in Place (CIP)
  • Allen Bradley PLC with data logging and programmable recipes
  • Secure remote access and control

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