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Here at Spectrum Technology, we firmly believe that choosing to purchase one of our short path distillation systems is the start of a long-term business relationship and it’s therefore important that we deliver a short path distillation system that is not only fit for purpose but has also been appropriately installed in your facility to ensure maximum throughput and minimal downtime.

Given our philosophy, we always recommend that our short path distillation systems are installed on-site by our trained engineers, who can ensure that the short path distillation system is fully functional before first use. We also highly recommend that your operatives undergo training with our engineers to ensure that they not only learn how to operate the short path distillation system efficiently, effectively and safely, but we can also impart our knowledge to avoid common issues which inexperienced operators will likely not be familiar with.

All of our short path distillation systems are fully self-contained, meaning that you only have to provide a suitable power supply and floor space to locate and operate them. However, we would recommend that the outlet of our vacuum pump is vented to a safe location or into a suitably rated extraction system to ensure a safe working environment for end-users and other localised workers.

Our installation services include:

Pre-installation site survey

We visit your site to discuss the installation of our short path distillation system with you face-to-face, ensuring that all appropriate considerations have been discussed and that your facility is appropriately prepared before delivery.

On-site installation

Once your short path distillation system has been manufactured and tested in our workshop we will pack and ship the system to you. Once delivered, our engineers will visit site to build the short path distillation system in your chosen location and ensure it’s fully functional.

Site acceptance testing

We routinely undertake site acceptance testing using inert fluids to ensure that your short path distillation system is operating efficiently and effectively and that you are completely satisfied before handover.

Process commissioning

Our team of process engineers can support your process commissioning activities to ensure that you are using your short path distillation system as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Staff training

Our engineers can train your operators to ensure that they fully understand how to operate your new short path distillation system and are aware of common issues that can reduce performance or cause breakdowns

Quality Assurance

Spectrum operates a business management system which incorporates 9001:2015 for Quality Management, 14001:2015 for Environmental Management and ISO 45001:2018 for Health and Safety.

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